Yes, home laser cutters are safe to operate. While there is a laser hazard present, home laser cutters are designed with many safety precautions to minimize laser cutting health concerns. As long as you take the correct precautions, home laser cutters are quite safe. When it comes to laser safety, it's the responsibility of the user to know the relevant laser dangers and utilize the necessary PPE for laser cutting.

Best Practices For Home Laser Safety:

Keep your work area clean and tidy.
Ensure that your laser is maintained and serviced.
Check that ventilation fans are cleaned every 6 months.
If others use your laser, keep a logbook on the machine with notes of any problems or issues that you notice.
If you use a home laser cutter around your family, educate your family about the importance of laser safety.
If you have small children or curious pets, keep your laser engraver behind locked doors, if possible — or out in the garage where they won’t be tempted to play with it.
Always keep the magic key that unlocks the laser cabinet locked away safely.
Do not bypass any safety features.
Never get complacent around your laser and try to cut corners.