Advertising has always been the perfect stage for laser technology to showcase its features. Here, laser technology can convey different wishes in many forms, such as light and shade, speech music and movement that people want to see. The magical effect reveals the characteristics of the metal cutting machine. This is incisive. Signage and advertising applications are one of the most commonly used focus areas for laser processing equipment. The promotion and implementation of laser cutting engraving machines and metal cutting machines has brought a new impetus to the advertising industry, moving the production of signs and signs to different application areas.

The advertising industry is developing steadily and is in a golden period of growth. Society is constantly changing and there are more and more standards for the advertising business. The use of CNC metal cutting in advertising is very important. Metal cutting machines refer to different industries and materials regulated by the advertising industry, which have greatly contributed to the growth and reform of the advertising industry.

Advantages for the advertising industry
Material Savings: Our metal cutters upload sketches to the computer and can automatically configure the structure to improve material usage.

High Precision and High Efficiency: Our metal cutting machine has high cutting precision, the goods only need to be cut once, and the cutting edge is smooth without post-processing.

Cost saving: In CNC metal cutting, no mold is required, saving the cost of mass production and fixing molds.

Environmental protection: no noise, no emissions, laser cutting will not violate environmental protection laws. Metal cutting machines significantly reduce scrap cutting and keep the work space tidy.

Laser Cutting Advertising Supplies
CNC metal cutting in the advertising industry According to incomplete statistics, the current penetration rate of laser processing equipment in the industry is less than 5%. CNC metal cutting machines in the advertising industry With the development of the industry, the demand for updating the original tool processing equipment to laser cutting machines will increase. In the future, the application industry will create consumer demand for more than 50,000 laser cutting machines.

For such statistics, it can be understood that CNC metal cutting machine tools are widely used, not only occupying a dominant position in the advertising field, but also occupying an important position at both ends of the industry.

In the advertising industry, nature itself is the reason why it is so common. There are few consumables, and the use environment is safe and hygienic, which is an ideal choice for environmental protection. The key to advertising is to be able to cut different items according to the needs of consumers. As long as the machine can monitor the sketches, the samples will be cut automatically, which increases the versatility of the business. The growth of the advertising industry is to design the products that consumers need according to the needs of consumers, making the laser cutting machine the most effective tool for the rapid development of the advertising industry.

Sheet metal cutting for signage

When driving out, road signs and road signs are the best tool to guide the way. But there's a billboard that looks like a street sign, but it's actually a billboard. Advertising signs often involve thin metal materials, and lasers can be used to cut thin metal sheets quickly and accurately.

Advertising light box metal sheet metal cutting

The publicity light box combines the advantages of neon lights, which can easily enhance people's visual impact and provide positive marketing effects. Laser cutting and engraving machine systems are ideal for manufacturing different thin metal materials such as iron, stainless steel, titanium and copper. After laser engraving and cutting, the advertising light box metal plate can be directly painted and welded without secondary processing.

Advertise with sheet metal

The promotional metal booth combined with the innovative company LOGO will enhance the promotional effect of the product. Use the laser cutting and engraving machine to cut the thin metal layers of various metal display stands, and cooperate with the electrostatic spraying and baking procedures in the later stage to produce beautiful, strong and durable product effects.