It requires little or no maintenance due to the minimal number of moving parts used in the manufacturing process. This means it will also have little or no downtime and a more efficient lifespan. So, as a business entity, you will not only have the best metal laser marking machine, but also save a lot of running costs.

This is another amazing attribute of fiber laser markers. It provides efficiency and consumes very little energy while producing a more focused laser beam. However, it is environmentally friendly and does not alter or interfere with environmental conditions.

In addition, the turnaround time is very fast, which means that for a business like yours, it is not a problem to meet high demand. What's more, it marks without affecting the area around the part, making it suitable for highly sensitive materials.

Great sign
There is no doubt that fiber laser marking machine provide the best marking on hard metals. The accuracy with which it provides the contrast of the mark is impeccable, allowing for excellent visibility of the mark pattern.

Eliminate consumables
Unlike CO2 laser engravers, which require a precoat before engraving, fiber laser markers do not. Just feed bare hard metal directly into the machine for marking and the results are sure to surprise you. However, all users must heed safety precautions, such as wearing safety goggles or using a welder's curtain to surround the designated laser area.

Final thoughts
Now that you understand the advantages of fiber laser markers over CO2 laser engravers for marking metal, you should be able to choose the right engraver for your business. Not only will this knowledge help you get the best metal laser engraver, but it will also help you achieve overall business success and profitability.