Honeycomb Working Panel

After using this laser cutting honeycomb table to cut wood, acrylic and other materials, the edges of the material are neat and clean, and it is not easy to be scorched by the laser or smoky yellow, so you can get a beautiful cut work.

When laser cutting wood or acrylic, the metal sheet at the bottom of the honeycomb glows brightly, which means the cut has penetrated. Solve the problem that it is difficult for ordinary engraving machines to judge whether it is cut through.

Atomstack honeycomb table is made of metal material and processed by high precision CNC, which is strong, stable, rust-proof, durable and high flatness.

Comes with metal pads to protect the table from laser damage. Right-angle measurement scales on the X and Y axes make it easy and fast to measure cut objects.

Compatible with various laser engraving machines, such as diode DIY laser engraving machines and CO2 laser engraving machines.

R3 Automatic Rotary Roller
This Atomstack R3 laser roller engraving module is pre-installed, free of installation, free of adjustment, and ready to use out of the box. The engraving machine is linked with the computer system, making it more intelligent.

The R3 Y-axis rotary drum has a number of humanized designs. Concentric design, adjustment-free timing belt; closed design, the motor is not exposed, more secure; the roller protruding design, unobstructed, the engraving is not limited in length.

The diameter can be adjusted in 8 levels, the engraving diameter is as small as 4mm and as large as 100mm.

R3 roller all metal structure, safe and stable, one-piece rubber roller, hardness up to 70A, stronger friction, more stable engraving process; can be used for elongated cylinders, small diameter cylinders, ultra-long plate engraving, ultra-long plate cutting.

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