If you buy a laser engraver, you may face the problem of managing the object: its smoke and especially the danger of the beam.

A laser engraver is a somewhat complicated instrument to handle, not because of its software or any other technical issues, but because of the dangerous technology it uses.

Direct exposure of the beam to the line of sight can cause irreparable damage. You must always protect your eyes before handling this type of laser, in my case I always wear proper glasses before pressing the start button of the machine. But there are other options, especially if you share a space with other people and want to engrave with your laser. If you're in a factory or using a workshop or garage and people can move around there, using a protective case seems like the best solution to avoid any drama.

This is a flexible, foldable and detachable solution recommended for locking your laser in a tubular frame with a flexible material that hides the laser around your engraver. "Glass" allows you to monitor the progress of your work and protects against laser light. I recommend only using an engraver with a built-in protective skirt around the laser.

The cover is made of material that appears to be flame retardant. This way, if the engraved element catches fire, the lid will suppress the flame for a period of time. It is always prudent to monitor such tools and not initiate engraving and changing parts for extended periods of time. As it happens the veneer or cardboard will emit a small flame as the laser passes, which usually stops naturally quickly, but it's best to be careful.

Finally, an exhaust vent will manage the fumes from the engraving. Connected to a ventilation system, carbon filtered and vented outside, this system will avoid inhaling any unwanted fumes.

It's an interesting product if only to be able to fold it up and hang the lid on the wall instead of reserving a countertop for it. It will serve to protect the engraving machine itself, even if it is located in a shared area with a machine that produces dust.