1. Engraved Napkin Holder
Transform your dining table with these practical napkin holders. These stands feature intricate carvings to bring a sophisticated touch to any meal. These additions make every dining experience memorable.

To create your own, choose your leather steps, finalize a name design that suits you, then use the atomstack a10 pro to make these beautiful stands just like one of the community members.
2. 3D Wooden Guestbook
This 3D guest transports you into nostalgic realms. Its details are meticulously crafted, making it a keepsake of cherished memories. When guests write down their thoughts, it becomes a lasting treasure. To create this masterpiece, high-quality wood is selected, 3D elements are designed and precisely cut using a laser cutter.

3. Personalized engraved glass
Drinking from a glass that feels like it was designed just for you? That's the beauty of these engraved glasses. They are perfect for personal use or as a gift. The best part; you can engrave various patterns or names on it.

Here's another atomstack fall craft project where our user designed a pattern on Lighburn and carved it into a glass using the atomstack a10 pro. You can replicate the same process.

4. Leaf Bookmark
This leaf bookmark is a work of art that will add a touch of autumn to your reading. Delicate and sturdy, it evokes the beauty of autumn every time you turn a page.

Here's another fall craft that's easy to make: Sketch out a leaf design, choose a durable fabric, and use a laser cutter to get the perfect finish.

5. Thanksgiving coasters
Cheer up the holidays with these Thanksgiving coasters. You can celebrate the spirit of gratitude with this unique decorative coaster. To make these, choose any material (felt, perhaps) that goes well with your decor. Design a symbol or quote that resonates with Thanksgiving and use a laser cutter to achieve the perfect finish.

6. Engraved strap
Transform your everyday watch into a seasonal statement with these engraved straps. They're detailed with intricate fall designs, bringing style together with the very essence of fall.

Design tip: Use an existing watch strap. Draw or download a design that captures the heart of fall—think leaves, pumpkins, or even subtle patterns. Use a laser engraver to bring your designs to life with precision and clarity.

7. Engraved kraft paper bookmark
Rediscover the joy of reading with these engraved vellum bookmarks. In addition to their rustic appeal, these bookmarks feature detailed engraving making each one unique. Whether it's an inspirational quote, an intricate pattern, or a design that resonates with your readers, the possibilities are endless.

To make these bookmarks, use high-quality vellum paper that is resistant to abrasion. Get meaningful and visually appealing designs. Then, engrave it onto the bookmark with a laser cutter.

8. Thanksgiving gift box
Thanksgiving gift-giving just got even more charming with this gift box. Designed with festive elements, it's the ideal little package for your festive treats.

Making it required a combination of creativity and precision. Start by choosing a solid material (could be plywood), then use a laser cutter to shape and etch the festive design. Fill out your thank you note and you've prepared a memorable gift for your guests.

9. Engraved Leather Keychain
Keep a piece of art in your pocket with this engraved leather keychain. The tactile feel of the leather combined with intricate carvings make it functional as well as beautiful.

Crafting Tips: Simply grab a leather keychain and use a laser engraver to engrave your loved one's details.

10. Personalized lettering pen/pencil
Writing with these personalized pens takes on a new dimension. An engraved name or design makes it a great personalized gift for your loved ones.

To make a pen, buy a pen with a smooth finish. Use graphic design software to design a name or pattern, and use a laser engraving machine to engrave it on the pen. Now, every note you write comes with a personal touch!

11. Halloween Building Laser Cut Light Box
Step into the spooky season with this beautifully designed Halloween haunted mansion. It's a miniature masterpiece that captures the eerie charm of Halloween.

To make this happen, download the digital file of the mansion. By cutting the material according to the design, it can become the centerpiece of the attraction.

12. Pumpkin Center Slices
Autumn is synonymous with pumpkins. And what better way to ring in the season than with a pumpkin centerpiece? This piece embodies autumnal glamour, with its intricate laser-cut details. You can even add a custom name for the person you're gifting.