The company has made the world’s most powerful diode laser module of 20W. This extremely powerful diode module is compatible with S10/A10/X7 laser engraver. Now, the company is introducing Atomstack S20 Pro 130W, a complete laser machine that has the world’s most powerful diode laser module. This machine is a combination of immense power, high efficiency, superior accuracy, portable design, and innovative features.

Atomstack S20 Pro is a perfect choice for small businesses and DIY laser enthusiasts. It is safe, powerful, and easy to use. It has got tons of extraordinary features that are ideal for beginners and people who want to engrave and cut objects without any hassle. In this blog post, we will have an in-depth look at the features of S20 Pro and compare it with a similar product to give you a better idea of the machine.

Main Features of Atomstack S20 Pro
The most important feature is the powerful laser module. Atomstack has used an innovative technology of combining four diode laser sources. The beams from the four sources are reflected and then combined into a tiny spot that makes the laser module more powerful. It improves the speed and cutting ability.

By combining multiple diode sources, the resultant diode power is actually more powerful than a traditional or single-source 20W laser. It can easily cut 10mm hardwood in one go.

Due to the immense power of the laser, the materials are cut at a very high speed. It cuts the objects in one go. Plus, Atomstack has also updated the algorithm, which is more efficient than the previous one. It can help you save half of your time.

If you are using S20 Pro for your business, then it will be able to increase the output two times; thus, you can make more products and earn more.

Focus adjustment has been a primary issue with compact laser machines. But Atomstack has solved this problem as well. Within 3-5 seconds, you can easily adjust the focus of the laser to get optimal results.

There is a separate lever attached to the laser module. You only need to put that lever down and move the laser head until the lever touches the surface of the object. Finally, move the lever back to its position. It makes the use of lasers easier than ever before.

Previously, laser machines were used for engraving only black and gray metals. But due to high power and speed, S20 Pro 130W can work on 340+ colors of metals. Thus, you have more choices of materials, and you can take engraving and cut to the next level.

The All Steel and Metal construction of the machine makes it more durable and stable. The structure is made of Aluminum alloy that makes the machine ultimately stronger. It improves the performance of the machine even at a very high speed.