If you're looking for a precision tool to help you with your crafting and DIY projects, a laser engraver and cutter with high output might be perfect. The Atomstack A10 Pro Dual Laser Engraver will be perfect for those looking to create their own one-of-a-kind creations or personalized items with the help of this cool tool!

When you unpack it, you can clearly see that they protect the machine well as usual, they use black foam to secure the machine to prevent shipping damage. Overall, they pack successfully and everything is in order. The entire structure is designed for rapid assembly; assembly can typically be completed in 10-20 minutes.

Package includes instruction manual, usb data cable, lcd controller, power supply, x and y axis profile, laser module, stand, tool kit kit, interface cable, card reader, cutting pad and other parts.

The Atomstack A10 Pro Dual Laser Engraver is constructed of durable aluminum alloy for a durable product. The design also improves precision through its anodized surface, which makes cutting tools easier. There are precise tick marks on the X-axis and Y-axis, which are convenient for quick length measurement.

The panoramic filter glass protective cover of our product has a good effect on protecting the eyes from ultraviolet rays, filtering 97%, and it is very convenient and quick to adjust the laser height when the material needs to be changed.

The engraving pitch of the A10 Pro is 410 x 400mm, which can meet your various needs. This large area machine uses threaded rods instead of combined couplings, making it more precise and durable!

The Atom stack A10 Pro is equipped with a diode laser with a power output of 10W. To achieve this high level, two separate lasers are combined into one using dual compression point technology to improve stability and efficiency. With this new and improved base power, both engraving and cutting speeds have been improved.

The laser spot area of ​​the A10 Pro laser engraving machine is 0.08×0.08mm. It integrates high-energy cutting and precision engraving. It can cut 15mm thick wood and black acrylic, and engrave stainless steel, leather, ceramics, and glass.

The process of cutting and engraving is simple and requires just a few steps. First, place the included fixed focus on your material in the correct orientation so that the laser beam can cut or engrave it perfectly through its surface - this will help produce sharper lines than other methods!

Next loosen the handle screw on top to allow the adjustment knob below to move freely; use these increments when done and tighten until they lock into place again (or don't over-tighten). Now delete both items:

The A10 Pro is equipped with a 32-bit motherboard, which facilitates offline engraving and cuts 40% faster than other models. The software that controls the A10 Pro is the open-source software Laser GRBL, which is free to use. There's also paid software LightBurn that you can try out during a time-limited, fully-featured trial period. It might be worth trying again once your engraver gets the hang of it!

Limit switches are installed on both the X and Y axes to avoid collisions. The emergency stop button is located at the control terminal, next to the power switch and reset button.

I never felt the need for these buttons during live operation with the Atomstack A10 Pro connected via the USB cable. If I notice anything unusual, just pause or stop the project via software like Laser Grbl or lightburn.

By the way, although it comes with a panoramic filter glass protector that filters out 97% of UV rays, I always recommend wearing glass to protect your eyes.

When you start carving or cutting different materials, the materials release fumes. Don't use the laser in an enclosed space without adequate ventilation, as your lungs don't like the fumes produced, other than the unpleasant smell. Therefore, the laser must always be placed in a well-ventilated area when using the machine.