What can you do with a laser engraving machine? This is a difficult problem for every beginner. Each laser engraver can do a different job, some use glass, plywood and acrylic, some use metal.

We bring you some simple and unique ideas that you can make yourself using a laser engraving and cutting machine. These are ideas for beginners who can implement and make eye-catching gifts.

You can use all types of lasers including diode, Co2, DPSS and fiber lasers for photo engraving on stained glass.

It's pretty cool to make something you see almost every day. It is a clock made of two tree laser engravers, especially for those who love cats.

Engrave your name or initials on the front of your wallet, it can be perfectly engraved on genuine leather and synthetic leather. Note that you need to be very careful not to burn your leather goods with the power of the laser.

Personalized Cutting Boards are an eco-friendly gift for birthdays, weddings, housewarmings, companies! This is a great gift for family and friends, and a great gift for yourself. One side of the cutting board can be used as a kitchen decoration, while the other side can be used as a traditional cutting board.

Laser engraved wood hangers are beautiful and fun personalized birthday gifts for round birthdays.

We can mirror cut and engrave with a laser machine, which is a very exciting thing.

It is important to remember that you will need to paint and engrave the image on the back of the mirror to avoid double reflections when painting the image on the reflective surface.

Tile carving is very popular right now. You can "personalize" things too!

I should say that knife laser engraving is very popular among hobbyists and knifemakers. Mark the knives with a name or a special inscription. Great corporate gift idea or the chef in your life. Also a great way to personalize knives to help prevent theft.