Oak Wood For Laser Cutting
A wood worthy of special mention is oak. Oak is one of the most popular wood types for laser cutting because it finishes well and provides a smooth finish after cutting. This type of wood works best if you want to engrave on wood rather than laser cutting, which means the wood needs to be relatively thin or it doesn't respond well to the laser beam.

In general, thicker wood products are better for wood laser cutting because they absorb heat better, which helps prevent the wood from burning during processing.

Maple Wood For Laser Cutting
Another wood that can be used for laser wood cutting is maple. This wood is a very dense wood, making it ideal for intricate designs as it can withstand pressure very well. Another advantage of using maple in a wood laser cutter is that the wood doesn't warp as easily as other types of wood, which means it doesn't require as much finishing after cutting.

The downside to maple, however, is that it doesn't engrave or burn well with a laser. So it's best for cutting projects where the design will only be burned to the surface and not engraved. Maple wood is extremely flame resistant. This means that even if you set the power of the laser very low, you may still see black lines of wood being burned to that depth.

Walnut Wood For Laser Cutting
An already very popular wood for wood laser cutting is walnut. This wood finishes the finish like a dream and resists heat well from wood lasers. This means it does not warp or burn as easily as other types of wood.

This makes this wood ideal for wood laser cutters because the heat does not discolor the wood like other types like maple, cherry, and oak. Walnut is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to use wood in a finished project rather than carving on it, as it holds up well under pressure and looks beautiful when cut.

Poplar Wood
Poplar is a wood that is very suitable for laser cutting. Typically, its wood density is about 52 pounds per cubic foot. This wood is typically about 20-30% heavier than the basswood or balsa types, making it an ideal material for laser-cut parts.

Cherry Wood
Another option for wood for laser cutting is cherry wood. Cherry wood typically has a weight range of 55-85 pounds per cubic foot, so compared to other wood types typically used for carving and craft hobbyist type projects, including basswood and balsa types of wood that are often denser Its weight characteristics are closer to that of poplar at less than 50 pounds per cubic foot.

Balsa Wood Or Basswood
If you're new to woodworking or woodcutting with a laser cutter, it's best to start with an easy-to-use wood type recommended by a wood laser cutting company, such as balsa or basswood. These types of wood are inexpensive and can produce great results if the wood doesn't burn in the heat of the laser beam.

Once you have more experience - which means not burning your scrap - you may want to try a fancier wood type like maple or walnut. Before making a decision, make sure to do some research on the advice of other enthusiasts.

Mahogany Wood For Laser Cutter
Mahogany wood is the type of wood that wood laser cutters use time and time again for wood cutting projects. Some woodworkers find it has some unique properties that make it ideal for woodworkers, both as part of an ornament and as a useful item around the house. A unique property of mahogany is its lower density than balsa, making it easier to use in entry-level projects.

Beech Wood
Another common wood type used by companies offering laser cutting services is beech. This type of wood does warp more easily than other types of wood on the market.

But this can actually make the finished product look better sometimes, as any slight warping doesn't warp outwards, but rather looks like a wood wave effect, which is great for anyone looking to laser add a special look or feel to their finished wood. Both attractive and unique cut products for woodworking.

Beech wood tends to have a density close to that of white pine, at 0.43 pounds per cubic foot, and an average humidity of 7 percent, so it holds up well when exposed to the elements or high humidity.

Pine wood for laser cutting
A common wood type used by many hobbyists is pine because it's easy to carry in a wallet and more expensive than balsa, basswood, and other cheaper woods. It doesn't cost an arm and a leg like a maple. Another advantage of this wood is that you can find it at most home improvement or hardware stores, which means you don't have to waste time looking for small specialty stores.

Hickory is another type of wood that wood laser cutters use to get the job done. This wood typically has a density of about 0.4 pounds per cubic foot, which makes it slightly less dense than mahogany and about twice as heavy as balsa.

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