In addition to laser cutting wood, lasers can also be used to engrave intricate patterns on the surface of wooden workpieces.

The main difference between a laser cutter and a laser engraver is the material removal capability of the laser.

A laser engraver is an excellent tool for customizing woodworking projects with high precision and minimal cycle time.

It provides good control over different process parameters to vary the amount of material removed during the process.

This makes it possible to cut, engrave or etch wooden workpieces without changing tools.

Furthermore, laser engraving increases the value of wooden items and can be implemented as a stand-alone business idea to get a lucrative deal.

Laser power for engraving wood
Laser power determines the ability of the laser to cut various materials.

However, laser engraving does not involve making through cuts in the material.

Instead, the laser removes material to the desired depth (usually up to 0.01 inches) to create voids with the desired shape and pattern.

This requires relatively low laser power compared to laser cutting wood.

Using high laser power results in darker engravings, loss of detail and excessive wood burn.

Best speed for laser engraving wood
Wood is a flammable material that produces high-contrast marks when laser engraved.

The amount of laser energy absorbed by the wood determines the darkness of the engraving.

However, using a high power laser with a low engraving speed can cause the wood to overburn and cause a fire.

While low laser power and high engraving speed will result in low contrast engraving and poor visibility.

Therefore, it is important to maintain the perfect balance between laser power and engraving speed to produce high-quality engravings with no or minimal edge burn.

You can refer to the settings provided in the wood laser cutting thickness and speed chart.

However, it must be noted that these charts provide reference values ​​and it is always recommended to perform a test run before exiting the process.

Generally, medium laser power and high marking speed are recommended for engraving wood.