The laser engraving business is a sunrise industry. Many people who are new to the laser engraving industry will instinctively ask about laser engraving equipment first, and then ask how to make money with laser engraving machines. And with the growth of the economy, the scope of laser engraving business continues to expand, and the demand increases significantly. Most manufacturers say demand for laser processing and engraving products is growing. Laser engraving machine manufacturers are now making technological improvements and are constantly looking for laser-machinable materials to bring more applications to market.

A. Nameplate customization
Nameplates are now required in many places to display personal identity or company image. Laser engraving nameplates is one of the most widespread applications in the laser engraving business. Laser engraving machines can engrave a person's name, location, etc. on various materials such as brass, iron, wood, etc. Custom nameplates can also be hung in offices or other public spaces to add some character to the entire space. It is also possible to draw some patterns on the nameplate to add personality.

B. Laser engraving business of glass products
Glass is a ubiquitous material. It can be used as a window or carved into a handicraft. But whether it's glasses, trophies, bottles, etc. - well, you'll find laser engraving suitable for customizing all kinds of glass products. Laser engraving and etching glass can add an artistic touch to the glass, as well as create a frosted texture. In this way, the laser engraved glass becomes a one-of-a-kind piece of art. You can also design patterns for engraving to give glass products their own character.

C. Laser engraving business of metal products
Laser cutting metals such as gold, silver, iron, brass, etc. Almost any metal can be laser engraved. Metal laser engraving does not destroy the structure of the metal surface and engrave beautiful patterns on it. Whether it's medical equipment or auto parts, laser cutting metal can engrave exactly the logo we want. Fiber marking is the most advanced technology for metal laser engraving, any complex pattern can be perfectly engraved.

D. Wood products laser engraving business
Laser engraving wood is also an inferior laser cutting technique. We can laser engrave wooden toys, souvenirs, models, etc. The thickness of laser engraved wood is up to 30cm. It doesn't matter whether you want to carve hardwood, plywood or veneer. In everyday life, wooden handles, picture frames or reliefs of kitchen knives are all done with laser-engraved wood. Therefore, the number of wooden element crafts or small parts in life has increased, and the demand for laser cutting machines has also increased.