Here are laser engraving acrylic tips to help you cut and engrave like a pro and get quality results.

First off, I practically feel like this is the focus on laser engraved acrylic.

Avoid bokeh if your acrylic sheet is smaller than 6mm.
Only if the cutting edge is not straight or has curves at the bottom.
The diffuse focus ensures better beam utilization
Of course, there are some other tips to keep in mind during the acrylic laser engraving process.

Make sure the laser power can cut certain thickness of acrylic.

Think about it for every extra millimeter you missed. You need 10W of power. And acrylic laser engraving requires low laser power and high cutting speed to ensure the material is not deformed. On the contrary if you have to melt and crack acrylic while engraving. This indicates that we are using too much heat. This problem can be solved by reducing the power or increasing the speed of lasers.

Unlike wood, acrylic cannot have too much air for support.
Because if it cools too quickly, it can cause the edge to become dull.

Ensure good ventilation when laser engraving acrylic.

Because noxious fumes can be generated when cutting acrylic, the fumes can catch fire and cause injury without proper ventilation. If your laser engraving machine will only be used to engrave acrylic, purchasing a laser fume purifier is recommended.

Is acrylic laser cutting safe?
Laser cut acrylic technology can be safer than traditional cutting with knives or other bladed tools. Laser engraved acrylic has no contact work and no enclosed work area.

Of course we have to take some security measures just in case.
fire extinguisher. A burn can occur if the laser cuts through the material and stays actively focused on the same spot.

gas mask. Different materials can be cut with laser cutting machines. It is harmless when cutting some metals or glass. Acrylic can be toxic and dangerous when heated with laser energy.

Hot or sharp surfaces. When the acrylic laser cutter is in use, it heats up quickly and has many moving parts. Therefore, we should not touch acrylic during this process.