Despite offering so many advantages, laser cutting also has some disadvantages and limitations.

High initial cost
Compared to traditional cutting equipment, the price of laser cutting machines can be quite high.

However, the high efficiency and low average operating cost of laser cutters make up for this shortcoming, but the initial cost is still quite high.

Thickness limit
Although the cutting speed of the laser cutting machine is fast, this speed will decrease as the thickness of the workpiece increases.

Depending on the power of your laser cutter, you may even need multiple passes to cut thick acrylic sheets.

Expert knowledge required
There is a reasonable learning curve before you can use a laser to create beautiful products on acrylic.

Toxic gas
Fumes from laser cutting acrylic may not be lethal, but require proper ventilation.

These fumes are irritating to the lungs, and daily inhalation of these fumes can be a serious problem.