If you're a laser engraver veteran, an industrial design case is worth having. After six months of design and development by Atomstack engineers, they released the Atomstack B1 Enclosure in early 2022.

The laser B1 enclosure is designed with a metal body, which can effectively prevent the leakage of the laser and protect the user's eyes. Of course it's not just a box, we can see that LED lights are installed inside to provide lighting.

We can see that the Atomstack B1 Enclosure is designed to be suspended, the inner plate can be removed, and the position of the R3 roller is reserved, which solves the pain point of the laser engraving machine with a shield without rollers.

It is worth mentioning that the protective cover is detachable, users can DIY installation by themselves, only a few necessary screws, very convenient and practical.

The B1 Enclosure is available for all Atomstack laser engravers, including the A-Series, X-Series, and P-Series. Even if your device has an external touch screen, it comes with a reserved interface to support offline work.

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