In fact, I have recently released many models of laser engravers, but almost all have diode lasers. But so far, none of them can engrave on metal like the Atomstack M4. The most important reason is that the Atomstack M4 is an infrared fiber laser, which is what makes it so unique.

Also worth mentioning is that it is a very mini portable product. Compared to the expensive attributes of other large industrial machines, the Atomstack M4 is not expensive, which is why I am concerned about it.

The size of the Atomstack M4 laser marking machine is 320*200*250mm and the weight is 5.89KG. It is a compact and lightweight product. Compared with other fiber-optic marking machines that usually weigh 50kg, it is at least an industrial evolution. Because of this, we were able to realize the need for mobile engraving.

Unlike typical laser engravers, this new marker from Atomstack uses an infrared pulsed laser with a wavelength of 1,064nm, making this product a fiber optic marker. In addition, it provides an engraving area of ​​70*70 mm, which is more than enough for ordinary users who do not need a large engraving area. It is very fast, up to 12,000 mm/sec.

Let's switch to the lasers, the Atomstack M4 has 20W of electrical power and 2W of fiber laser power output. Don't underestimate this 2W infrared laser, it can engrave almost any metal. For example, a 20W diode laser cannot engrave on gold, silver and copper, but a 2W infrared laser can easily do it.

In terms of safety, this is a very safe laser engraver because it does not produce blue light that is harmful to the eyes, and according to the manufacturer, it will not harm human skin in case of accidental contact. Not everything is rosy, however, and we have to warn that this machine doesn't work very well on wood or paper due to the type of infrared laser it uses, so we can only recommend it to those who primarily want to engrave on metal user and plastic.

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