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Atomstack S10 Pro 50W Laser Engraver Cutter Eye Protection Fixed-Focus DIY Laser Marking Tool

The operation is very simple, please read the installation and use instructions carefully before use, the engraving parameters of different materials
● Brand engraving machine, more professional. The Atomstack brand has a professional technology and development team, and has its own factory to control the quality of production.
●Powerful 10W laser power. High power, high energy, can easily cut 20mm thick wood and 15mm thick black acrylic. The S10 Pro has an emergency stop button that can achieve a safe 150W CO₂ laser engraving effect.
●More professional, suitable for engraving/cutting lovers. 5W laser module is suitable for DIY beginners at home, 10W is a more professional engraving and cutting machine.
●3.5-inch screen, independent control box. It can be offline, touch, and improve the user experience, thus making the overall operation easier.

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Atomstack AC1 Camera Precise Positioning For All Brands Laser Engraving Machine Video

Official Atomstack Laser Engraving Machine Introduction

1. Support Offline Engraving
P9 M40/P9 M50/X7/X7 Pro Engraving can be done without connecting to a computer. Engraving groups can be built and multiple machines can work at the same time increase work efficiency.

2. Light Combining Technology with Double Compression Spots
Innovative technology combines two 5W laser into one,make the laser power larger and more stable. The double compressed spot increases the power while maintaining a fine laser beam. The laser modules 5W is suitable for people who do DIY and a few cutting workers at home.

3. ATOMSTACK A5 M50 Pro/P9 M50/A10 PRO/S10 PRO Real 10W Laser
A real 10W Atomstack laser engraver can easily cut through 15~20mm thick wood and 15mm acrylic materials,engrave large areas of metal and wood. 10W is a more professional machine for engraving and cutting, suitable for engraving/cutting enthusiasts and people who often need to use an engraving machine.

4. Smart Limit Switch Design
Limit switches are installed on both X-axis and Y-axis. when the engraving machine stroke is at its maximum the limit switch will be automatically triggered to protect the laser and avoid collision.

5. Upgrade Laser Module
The newly upgraded laser module makes the engraving clearer, cutting more neatly, and brings you a brand-new experience.

6. Great Engraving
Double-compressed spot technology makes the laser spot down to 0.06mm to achieve finer image engraving.

Q: Why I do not get a reply?

A: Please pay attention to confirm that you are contact with official store instead of other merchants, our service team deal with any question within 24hrs every working day.

Q: 20w/30w/40w/50w is the higher the better of number? how should I choose?

Answer: In fact, 20w/30w/40w/50w is only the output power of the machine, not the key to determining the engraving/cutting effect. The output power of the laser module is the key point. If the output power of an engraving machine is 50w, and the output power of the laser module is 5~5.5w, That's effect is not much different from that of a machine with a 40W output power and 5~5.5w laser module output power.

Q: Why you do you not update your software?

A: We do not sell any software, it just can be work with the machine, we can guide customer how to use it but do not have any way to update it. if you have any question about using software, just feel free to contact with our service team by email.

Q: Can i get a assure after purchase?

A: Of course, ATOMSTACK official provide 100% satisfied for sure,you can enjoy 1 year of free replacement for any accessories.


ATOMSTACK is on a mission to develop Laser engraver cutting field that enables mass production of customized end-use products for people. ATOMSTACK is a professional team focused on advanced desktop and has years of experience in design and manufacturing. Every single detail we made uniquely is to ensure to present the perfect experience. Our team are like friends and family, we have a passionate heart. We hope that the products and services we provide can make everyone enjoy fun.

If you want to get the right laser engraving machine for your laser business, you can use Atomstack S20 Pro. It is a very powerful laser machine that can easily cut and engrave various materials at a very fast pace. Plus, it offers optimal accuracy and perfection that gives you the best products. Easy to use, smart, powerful and fast cutting machine for home, business and school.

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Atomstack is a brand of laser engravers and 3D printers that offers a range of affordable and high-quality products. The company is based in China and aims to provide innovative and easy-to-use laser engraving machines for both professionals and hobbyists. Atomstack laser engravers are known for their precision, efficiency, and versatility in various applications such as jewelry making, woodworking, signage, and industrial manufacturing. The brand has gained popularity over the years due to its commitment to providing reliable, affordable, and user-friendly laser engraver machines that can be operated by anyone regardless of their skill level. Atomstack laser engraver offer a unique combination of high-quality results and affordability, making them a popular choice for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

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